Activities carried out within the project SIRS : « Social Integration of refugees through Sports »

Activities / Productions

  1. Transnational meeting in Emden, Germany (November 2016)

  2. Bilateral exchange : German partners in Martinique, France (January-February 2017)

  • Cultural diversity at Lycée de Bellevue with presentations, conferences and giant international buffet

  • Sports activities for social integration

  • A visit to the mayor of Fort-de-France to discuss the situation of refugees in Martinique

  3. Big meeting in Germany « Teaching/learning/ training meeting in Emden, Germany(March 2017)

  • Press article for SIRS

Press article for SIRS
  • Big meeting in Emden

  4. Transnational meeting in Oslo : September 2017 - Decisions, preparation of the next TTA meeting in Osloand commitment of our Norwegian partners to the refugee cause.

  • Video of the meeting

  • Norwegian school commitment (Youtube : SIRS Norway 2016/2017, first year, reflection. Erasmus)

  5. Documentary about social integration in Martinique : An interview with Serge Lisima, Prefecture de Fort-de-France

  • Video

  6. Erasmus+ club

  7. Bellevue Carnival Night Run with Creole Zumba and others

  8. Mock NGOs « Sporty Banana » and « Have a New Look »

  9. Parcours du combattant, « Endurance test »

  10. Traditional costume parade with association Flamn Kreyol for cultural integration

  11. Documentary about social integration in Martinique :

  • Interviews with

    • immigrants living and working in Martinique (museum)

    • Stallholders from the « Grand marché couvert » in Fort-de-France

    • a teacher shopping at the market

    • The Saint-Lucian Consulate and her cultural attaché

  12. Learning Teaching Training Activities meeting in the Netherlands, April 2018

  13. Joint staff mobility in Turkey, September 2018

  14. Bilateral meeting in Martinique with Norway, January 2019

  • video : Bilateral meeting in Martinique with Norway, January 2019

  15. Developing healthy behaviours with young learners : sport activities and fruit tasting

  16. Learning Teaching Training Activities meeting in Oslo, Norway

  17. Documentary on integration through sports presented in Oslo by our students : Bellevue High School Work and Fun Day

  18. Cricket at Bellevue

  • Bellevue powerpoint presentation

  • video : cricket initiation with Saint-Lucian delegation

  19. Impression n°1 video of participants

  20. Dissemination objects including "Martinique and Saint Lucia Forever United"

  21. High School tournament for integration

  22. Colours of Bellevue : Multicultural exchange and cupcakes

  23. Interview with Deputy Principal Of Lycée de Bellevue, Mr Kalala

  24. Immigration interview by our student

  25. Multicultural party

  26. Bellevue film made by students

  27. Saint-Lucia presentation

  28. Impression n°2 video of participants

Social Integration of Refugees Through Sports (S.I.R.S.)

Erasmus+ KA2 - Lycée de Bellevue, Martinique